Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Spring marches on.....

I seem unable to catch up with the year - mentally, or physically. I fear my gardening will again be "splendor in the grass" as, with the hand surgery I still can't garden, let alone build birdhouses, but it will come.
I think of columbines and Centaura Montana as June flowers, but these are blooming enthusiastically in May. We've had so much rain that they are falling down from the weight of it and creating an absolute tripping hazzard on the walk. Last year's Autumn Joy still adds interest to the rather wild bouquet.
My columbines are olde style flowers, heritage in the real sense, dug up from the flower garden my mom had when we were still children. We didn't have running water and the flowers drew life from the left over dish water. It didn't hurt them!
Please note the leaded glass disk above the columbines. It sits atop a 4 ft metal spike and was made by an artist friend, Catherine Roy.
The super big tortoise hiding in the greenery was chain saw carved by Garth Huscroft.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Humming Birds and healing

Well, I saw a hummer checking out the Christmas light bulbs the other morning. They're actually a little late this year but I made them some sugar water anyway. James had to fill the feeder - I'm still swanning about one handed because of the surgery. By yesterday they had found it and were quite busy in the sunshine today.
I'm still typing left handed and a little with the right but then I pay for it after.
Saturday is our annual spring paint-out, when folks are free to come paint outside on our lovely hillside and we always hope for good weather though many years we are dodging rain drops.