Saturday, March 24, 2012

We still live in hopes of spring


We found this little Pine Siskin lying on its back on the sidewalk by my car. We think he hit a window. I picked him up and held him gently, warming him and keeping him safe until his eyes quit rolling back in his head and he was able to stand on his own little feet and fly away. It took about 1/2 hour for him to recover.
 Pine Siskins live in large flocks this time of year. We did not take him with us and release him elsewhere because we wanted him to be able to rejoin his buddies.
We've had more snow in the past month and a half than we had all winter but the sun is higher in the sky and spring is coming. These days there is the sound of bird song.
Two days ago we had a freak 6 inch snowfall over night but by that evening it was nearly all gone.
James and I will be exhibiting at the Rotary club's Wine Art wine tasting and art sale at the Rec Centre on the evening of March 30.
I have finished 3 weekends of classes in ceramic jewelry by Bea van Allmen offered at the Wynndel Arts Centre. It has been not only interesting learning more about another skill but has been enjoyable working with a nice group of ladies.
I now have to put my new knowledge into practice.
James has been cradling art for the show.
He has finished his second octave mandolin.