Friday, October 27, 2006

the gold

The rose displaying many beautiful rose hips is a Winnipeg Parks. It is a somewhat "messy" and floppy rose that will only bloom once a summer and should you dead head the drying blossoms you will not get more blooms and will miss the glorious hips. We begin winter with lots of "colour" and as the winter progresses the deer eat the rose hips so there are very few come spring.
I don't know the name of my wondeful pink rose. It came in a box that said something "picotee" and was supposed to be a small, hardy tea rose. It isn't. It is a huge mound of pink blossoms in late June and reblooms through the summer. We think it may be some sort of climber. Whatever it is, aren't mistakes wonderful?

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Late October gold....

The full moon would have been a while ago. Last night was as black as can be.

The fall keeps lingering, lovely, on. Lots of the gold is gone but more remains. I must get a picture of my beautiful rose. The leaves are golden and there are still blossoms, not as many but a more intense pink than in June.

James painted the striped kitty recently.

Skeeter comes in at length now. She has even spent the night on occasion. Little by little we are charming her. Of course she has us completely beneath her spell.

My hand is healing but it is taking longer this time and I am feeling impatient.