Saturday, December 27, 2008

Winter persists!

Christmas is over! I'm ready for spring.
These pictures were taken yesterday and we even had a bit of blue sky but now it is snowing again, and snowing, and snowing, and snowing.

The picture above is of Goat Mountain, looking north from our deck. The rule is you can take as many pictures as you can without putting boots on!
This Thompson Mtn where the fire lookout is. It's to the east of us and following the ridge south is the Skimmerhorn.
The picture below is the Skimmerhorn. It was taken Dec 10, before it started to snow down at our level.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

A Merry Christmas to All

When morning comes our trees and bushes will still be robed in snow, but this is a winter scene James painted a couple years back.
I have been carefully turning the Christmas lights out over night because of power concerns but tonight they are tinting the steadily falling snow - very peaceful from our vantage point but a real problem for travelers and others at this time. I just read Greyhound has suspended bus service from Vancouver until it is safe to continue. I sympathize with folks stuck in a terminal somewhere not getting home for Christmas.
Later today James and I plan to go have dinner with my mom at Swan Valley Lodge. It's not the sort of weather to take frail elderly out in.
I bought myself a set of Nifty Nitters (circular looms that do large spool knitting) and am making a few toques for this winter. It doesn't seem at this point that it ever develops a smooth rhythm like crochet or regular knitting. I do enjoy crocheting but haven't mastered knitting. I got the Nifty Knitters specifically to use with a red and black eyelash yarn my sister gave me to make a shawl. The pattern called for crochet but I could not see the stitches and I plan to use the circular looms and knit a black yarn with the eyelash and hope I can see that. Another of the joys of aging.
Saturday is Creston's Christmas bird count. I had said I would watch our feeder and hoped to have one on the other side of the house. I have not seen any birds at the feeder in a long time. They like it in spring and fall but really don't like this location in winter. Maybe next year.
Poor James got to celebrate Christmas Eve by plumbing as the sink faucet decided to spring a good leak. Unfortunately "progress" has changed the parts available and they no longer make 1/2 inch supply hoses. They don't even make fittings to go from the 1/2 inch supply valve to the hose so it will mean more parts and a more involved job. There's no cold water in the kitchen until at least Saturday when the parts stores open again.
Well, now it is 4:16 am and maybe I should try sleeping again. You would think I was waiting for Santa!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Little flakes, big flakes, little flakes, big flakes........

It's snowing tiny flakes just now and at 2:30 pm it feels like night. Dec 21st - the shortest day of the year and James always looks forward to it with anticipation as tomorrow the days start getting longer. Yeh!!!!
I think we are almost safely into our quiet, reclusive Christmas. I got up this morning with grand intentions of going in to town to find an elusive gift for my mom to put under the tree at Swan Valley Lodge.It's so hard to shop for someone who doesn't need (or want) anything. I buy her cut flowers because if I bring a plant she promptly gives it away, lest it die! When you're 87 you deserve fresh flowers all the time.
My resolve melted with the falling snow and we're just staying warm.
James has been racking wine. We will have lovely berry wine on the deck next summer. I should be baking something (she said unenthusiastically). The lasitude of the season is upon us. I want biscotti but I need to bake something softer for James first.
My sister visited recently and brought eyelash yarn for a shawl but I can't see the stitches when I crochet it. It is the joy of growing old!

The cats are not happy about our weather. Bandy sits at the door with his ears at an irritated angle and if I open the slider for him he looks insulted. Little Skeeter is such a faithful hunter that she has to go out for a bit every day but she's not impressed either.
Well, back to the football game! That's what this weather is good for.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

The seasons change

The picture above was taken this morning. It was -17 Celsius which works out to 1 degree Fahrenheit - very cold, especially with a wind.
The picture below was taken last Tues. We've had a very long and open fall - quite lovely.
This is our little town. Today it is lacking one of it's historic buildings, built in the early 40's, Sunset Seed (known to old timers as "The Pea Shed" because at one time Creston grew many, many peas) burned to the ground on Thurs night.
I'm told my grandfather may have been the contractor for it. Grandpa Good was a fine carpenter and built a number of buildings and homes around Creston.
The last 2 weekends James and I were busy at craft fairs, one, the Creston Arts Council Christmas Craft Fair and one, the Wynndel Christmas Craft Fair.
I make calendars and cards from photos of James' paintings and we sell them. It's been a busy time.
Now it's so cold I can't think and the lower photo may portray my aspirations more closely.
Larry and Lisa will be in Victoria this Christmas and we anticipate a quiet time at home.