Thursday, February 09, 2012

Ain't it funny how time slips (or gallops) away.

We've had a very open winter. James was up on the hill with a friend who was painting on a -4 C day - Brrrr.
We seem to stay amazingly busy. In early Dec James and a couple other guys performed music as Tiizak Hamra, , or in the play Aladdin. James played his octave mandolin and the music had a North African feel.
This weekend they will be playing at a wake for a relative of a band member.
On Feb 18 they will perform at Artists and Dragons at Rotocrest Hall.
Artists and Dragons is a fundraiser for the Arts Council and for ArtWalk. A number of artists will be demonstrating their handiwork and donating work which will be raffled during the evening, In keeping with the Artists and Dragons theme I am crocheting a "dragon skin" scarf. 
Very happily I have been able to step down from coordinating ArtWalk. We have found in Andrea Revoy a wonderful person to take over the reigns and we look forward to new and exciting things from ArtWalk.
On Feb 28 Tiizak Hamra will perform at a fundraiser for the local zendo to help in purchase of yoga mats and equipment.

These are two of the three evening visitors we had on Feb 7. To the left the reflection of lights in the window were what my Grandad called "rabbit lights." I couldn't open the door or our visitors would have left.

This was taken yesterday. Bandy was meditating or possibly visualizing mice. Skeeter was being her own little cautious self. I think of her as "the kitten" but she is actually turning 7 this year, has been with us 6 years, and will probably always be timid.