Saturday, August 18, 2012

Oh me, oh my, how the time does fly

I have been remiss in writing these past many months.
James and I are having what has been a relatively quiet year and loving it.
We are not doing the Farmers Market this year. I have retired from baking and am exploring other more arty ideas. Lately I have been crocheting many, many beautiful scarves. I don't know if I can sell them for anything near the time and money in them or if they are just an exercise in joy.
Our house has reached grid-lock and I have good intentions which may go further when this awful heat makes way to our favorite season: fall.
James has grown a lovely veggie garden this year despite the very long, cold, wet spring, followed by suddenly summer and heat and the worst year for mosquitoes we remember.
We had the wettest June on record and lots of standing water, and higher water than  in many years has meant a massive hatch of mosquitoes and some of the bats and swallows who would normally predate them "vanished" - even starved - in the cold, pre-insect weather.

The photo above is of a window from the house I was raised in, which is not long for this world, but it may come back in a better form. We shall see.
We have wonderful renters at last! and Les has helped James put in a 6 foot fence around the garden. 
Sorry Bambi: we love watching you and your little spotted twins, but we are tired of sharing.
The other day I looked out the living room window and a little yearling bear was going by. What a cutie, but I really don't want him that close!

James will be painting on the deck at Baillee Grohman Winery with several fellow artists next Sat.
On Sunday, Sept 2 we will be taking part in the Rutebaga Show and Sale at the Wynndel Hall. I will be in the Wynndel Arts Centre behind the hall, and I think James will be helping man the garage sale, proceeds going to the Wynndel Hall.

James has a show at Kingfisher Used Books for Nov and Dec and will be part of the Images Show Nov 23 and 24 at the Rotocrest Hall in Creston - it is all in Creston, BC. We are a happening place!
I will be doing the Christmas Craft Sale at Creston's Rec Centre on Nov 24 just so we can rush around a little more.