Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Sweltering in SW British Columbia

I don't think I'll catch up in this lifetime!
I did get birdhouses shipped to Castlegar last week.
I am spending all of 2 days a week baking for the Saturday Market. It pays the bills, but it's exhausting.
My mom spent about a week in hospital as they tried to help her with her dizzy spells. Old age is not fun, at least certain aspects aren't fun for the mother or the daughter. I spend a lot of time worrying.
Yesterday we took a flying trip to Cranbrook for baking supplies, and special glue, and....
We stopped at Goat Mountain Soap in Yahk on the way back as they are part of the ArtWalk. They were run-off-their-feet busy and Mike was being interviewed by a camera crew from Colorado. Marlene said last week it was a crew from Bosnia (or the Balkins?).
Tomorrow we are going to all the ArtWalk venues from Creston to Kootenay Landing. We'll get the really local ones early next week.
Skeeter continues to charm me. Her fur has become soft and healthy and she no longer looks like such a neglected little waif. This morning I managed to pinch my finger badly. James had installed a new handle on the slider and he was showing me that it fit too close to the door frame. I was proving I could still get hold of it, and it pinched and I let out a yelp and Skeeter came skooting around the house to see what was wrong. What a good little cat!
She is still nervous but it is a joy to watch her roll about and play like a happy little cat.

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