Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Bandy loves Skeeter.

Notice who gets most of the cushion.
Skeeter has gone from being a poor pathetic little waif to being a little round cat. In that we suspect Bandy brought her up to the house he has always been nice to her although at times I've suspected he thought she was a toy. She is still skittish but she does spend some nights in and she is becoming more comfortable.
I am not back in the shop since the hand surgery in Sept but it's getting close. Then the other day when visiting the hospital I bought coffee at the kiosk and managed to scald the same hand, so that's another set back.
I have been making calendars of James' work to sell and have been making cards. Now I'm working on creating cards from postcards sent by my grandmother and friends in the early 1900's. I'm calling them "Cards like Grandma Sent."
James has a show of his work at the Park Studio Gallery here in town until December 16. He is also going in and doing painting demonstrations at the library about once a week and this Sat will be doing a demonstration at Annette's Delicate Essen on Sat.

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