Friday, January 26, 2007

When bookworms mature: altered book

Tomorrow is the library opening and I have finished the altered book I was working on.

This is my altered book and may be hard to see.In the stepped down middle there is a tree branch with a cocoon hanging on it and there is the little green worm reading the book which says, "And so little bookworm, after a long sleep you will wake up as the most beautiful butterfly...."

I removed pages from the book and ran them through the printer for the flat pages of butterflies. The 3D butterflies were printed, painted with matte medium, painstakingly cut out, painted gold on the back, and glued on with a heavy bodied glue called "yes." The pages are glued together in groups and the left side is glued in a curve so the book will permanently sit open. There are a few butterflies crawling on the cover too.

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