Monday, April 28, 2008


Another painting by James, this time of bunchberries.
We've had two lovely days. Today the temperature got up to 72 degrees and the wind felt soft and warm. This has been such a winter to break free. A week ago Sunday we woke to 3 inches of snow! in mid-April!!! It is so nearly May and the leaves are just beginning to pop. It's been a long, cold, dry spring and the weather man is saying it may revert to cold again but what we really need is some soaking rain.
BC Arts and Culture week is done and the community art show at the "Blue Awning Gallery", sponsored by the Arts Council finished Sat. It was a great show but a lot of lot of work!
The Sat before we (ArtLink) sponsored a gala evening, "The Big Picture Art Fest" in Crawford Bay with large works of art, great food, Margaret Ross and After Hours playing (and singing) wonderful jazz, and about 9 artists demonstrating their craft in small works we raffled off. It too was a great time but exhausting. We're beginning to long for younger blood to lift the banner.
Now it is nose to the grindstone with ArtWalk lining up artists to venues and getting the brochure ready for the printer.
Sometime I will get to do something creative myself. I am meditating on what will be next as I find building my birdhouses too difficult on my hands.

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