Monday, January 25, 2010

Was this January?

Farewell to January in our very odd winter. We have had so little snow James has not had to plow once. Since the start of the year we had maybe an inch or two one day and a few tiny skiffs but the ground is bare except for some ice on the driveway. Even the ice out through the grass is disappearing. I don't know what this bodes for farming but I hope we get a good kill on the wasps. They have been unreal the last few summers.
The chickadees are singing a new more melodic song: not their "springs coming" song yet but it is coming.
James has been painting in the studio. He has a show opening at Kingfisher Used Books in early March.
I have been knitting on the round looms again, many hats in different combinations of yarns, and I am teaching myself to knit left handed.
This past year I have been seriously transitioning out of building birdhouses. I can't say I'll never make another, but they are taking a back roll and I am doing cleaner things that aren't as hard on my hands. Having knit right handed enough to have to have surgery for a trigger thumb last spring I am realizing that in everything I do I need to watch for repetitive stress or it will bight me!
This Thursday is a memorial service for everyone who has passed away at the Lodge since last October. My sister is coming, she and I and two of our close friends have all lost parents (our last parents) in thiese past few months.

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