Monday, June 14, 2010

ArtWalk Openings, PaintOuts,memorials, and more

Well, it is a mystery why sometimes this program wants to underline everything and then, for some unknown reason it decides to quit.
This has been a very busy month. Next are the ArtWalk Openings.
The Creston Opening is this Friday, June 18 from 7:00 - 9:00 pm at the Coffee Creek Cafe in Creston with light refreshments and with classical guitar by Peter Bodley.
The Eastshore Opening is Sunday, June 20, from 2:00 - 4:00 pm at Bob's Bar & Grill in Riondel, again with refreshments, and with music by the East Winds. 
Last Saturday was our annual Spring PaintOut and it was the first truly hot and sunny day we've had. We gave the new gazebo a real work out. At one point there were 13 or 14 of us inside eating lunch with folks spilling out onto the lawn. It was a great time, very well attended with at least 20 people and several of our artist friends have come back the last few mornings to continue on their works.
This poppy painting is James accomplishment from that day and the next.

The gazebo is well on its way to being done. It still needs roofing and some paint and plantings and ...... it doesn't end, but we are sure to enjoy it. Because it has the little cupola the hot air rises and escapes and it stays cool and breezy. 
We're so glad Ann didn't want it any more.
James numbered all the parts and resurrected it here and it has a new roof of 
1 x 5 cedar in a quilty pattern.

 A week ago we held a time of remembrance for my mom in the pavilion and gardens behind Morris Flowers Garden Center. 
Last fall, when she passed on, we were not ready for another service having just lost a close friends mother, father, and aunt so we said "In the spring, when the flowers are blooming."
In between we lost another close friend's mom and a very dear auntie. It is a time of losses and we are becoming the "older generation."
The tea for our mother was just lovely, very informal with lots of folks visiting and our cousin Jean had made my sister and I each a memory book of pictures of our mom's life starting in early childhood and we were able to bring those along for folks to enjoy also.
My sister and her husband and all my mother's grandchildren and her future grand daughter-in-law were able to come.
The last picture here is of my mom as a little girl.
After this weekend I've an art show to put up in the library for ArtWalk and then I can get back to blithering softly in my own garden.
The wonderful news ... there's a wedding next summer!

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