Thursday, September 23, 2010

Falling into Fall

I am not good at identifying little brown birds.
Today one smacked into the slider and I went out and provided a hospice for it before it did a little shudder and passed away. My guess is it was some sort of flycatcher but it was small. Poor wee thing but at least the cats didn't get it.

 Not to gross anyone out. There is a beauty. Such a perfect little creature and gone so swiftly. Now I would like to know whose fading life I held in my hands. Please note the underside of the little bird is mostly white but mottled in the upper parts like a young robin. The back and wings are all a lovely reddish brown with no banding on the wings.
Fall is upon us. We have begun to see Praying Mantis and Cedar Bugs and the birds are gathering to go south.
Labour Day Weekend the Wynndel Mudders put on another Rutabaga show at the Mudder's Studio and the Wynndel Hall. They made a big variety of thrown and glazed soup bowls and sold them, with soup and a bun, for $10.00. It was a great success and sold out quite early. I dug out my knit hats for the first time since last winter and will have them for sale at the greenhouse, as well as birdhouses, James' cards, and my baking.
James and Sandy Kunze held a Pallet Show in Ann's garden this week displaying a few years of colourful pallets in the jungle. It was great and folks came for wine and goodies and some nice visiting.
The Farmers Market is moving from the outside lot at Millennium Park to inside Morris Flowers Garden Center this weekend and will continue on until Dec 18.  The hours now change to 10:00 am - 2:00 pm.
I will not make the market this week. I have a nasty cold that seems to be making the rounds.
James and my Fall Paintout will be held on Sunday, Oct 18 this year as we will be doing the markets on Saturday.
James has a show coming up at Kingfisher Used Books and is a guest at the Images show this Nov 27.
It should be a busy fall.

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