Monday, October 03, 2011

Oh my but time goes swiftly

On Aug 13 we had a wonderful wedding at our place. Our son, Larry McDowell, married his fiance, Lisa Benschop.
The wedding took place on a ridge by the closest field.

We should have had more sons. It was an absolute joy. A number of Larry and Lisa's friends came early and stayed in our unrented mobile home. They spent the last few days knocking the place into shape, putting up tents, mowing grass, clearing the covered deck, and one young lady spent 3 days baking pies. Another friend cooked all the meat for the "do" and numbers of folks made salads for their picnic themed reception. Lisa's mom and a friend spent a whole day arranging the lovely loose summer bouquets that dotted tables and blankets all around.

The party went late and then it was all done but the cleanup.


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