Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Bluebird Houses

I finished these last week. They are sized for bluebirds and swallows. I am now building houses sized for the little guys - chickadees, wrens, downy woodpeckers.

The air is full of birdsong these days and everyone is checking out realestate. Spring really is in the air.

This morning I looked out north of the house and there was a big adult "Mr" pheasant checking out my little "memorial garden" - memorial to our kitties that are no longer with us.

Mr Pheasant was in lovely shape. This was such an open winter I'm sure many of the birds made it through in fine form. Now we see the male pheasants sparring as is their spring ritual, or you'll see two fellows 20 feet apart in a field, unable to move as that might signify weakness.

Yesterday I potted up the last of last fall's daffodill bulbs. I don't know that they'll bloom this year but at least it should keep them "healthy" until I can plant them in the lawn next fall. These are mostly "tet a tet." (I'm sure that's the wrong spelling, but they are a tiny daffie that has multiple blooms.) I have given up on tulips as the only folk who get to enjoy them are the deer. They have decimated my hen and chicks and other sedum.


Ruth said...

Nora this is such a great blog. almost like the "evening news" from the hilltop. xo

bessie said...

lgI didnt realize til now they were real birdhouses!!Thought they were just ornamental.
Duh-I'm really "with it"
Their value has gone up decidedly in my estimation!

brdhsbldr said...

Yes, they have always been fully functional, built in such a way that they can be cleaned out between seasons, and sized appropriately for real birds.