Thursday, March 16, 2006

Busy, busy, busy.....

I finally finished all the houses I'd cut parts for before I got sick and now am on to a second group.
Those were sized for bluebirds and swallows and these will be for chickadees, downy woodpeckers, and wrens.
I'm taking another quilt class this Fri and Sat making a sweatshirt jacket.
I've pieced a table runner and begun a second quilt but still have to finish sewing the first together and in that the first is still up on the wall, I'll have to finish it before going on the #2.
I also finished mailing out all the entry forms for art walk. Three of us got together and collated and stuffed envelopes one night and that really sped things up. I did labels from a mailing list and there were still a few glitches but I only had to write out 2 by hand and that is very good!


Eileen said...

But there isn't a picture of the little completed houses. Maybe when some of the 2nd batch are done?

brdhsbldr said...

I do need to take pictures. I've been shoving them out the door pretty fast these days.