Tuesday, March 07, 2006

New houses for our feathered friends.
I spent the afternoon in the shop creating new real estate for the birds - many, many, little birdhouses. These are only partially assembled - next will come door knobs and faucets and various other pieces of used hardware - plus a wood pile, and a key.
These are sized for bluebirds and violet green swallows.
This afternoon I noticed the towees have returned and are hopping about the bushes. Down by the chicken house I saw my "mystery bird" again. Often he comes and sits on the electric wires in Jan or Feb but I haven't been able to identify him. He is a very soft gray with dark "eye makeup" and white feathers along the edges of his tail. He likes to sit on the wires just 'till I get the binoculars and then he is gone.
James has been in the studio working on a commision.


Eileen said...

This looks strangely familiar, like the picture of all the houses James did.

brdhsbldr said...

Less colourful.
Reference to post for Jan 31, "More snow yesterday...."